Friday, June 5, 2009

Summer, hibachi and GASC!!!!

Today is the start of our summer. Alexis' last day of school was yesterday. Her homeroom teacher wrote her a very nice letter that I will cherish forever. One line she wrote was " goes with everything!". How true is that? It's a great way to express something I've wanted to tell Alexis but never had the words for.

Tonight we're going to a hibachi place to celebrate my husband's birthday. It's a birthday tradition for him. We'll get all of the family together and enjoy some great food.

Then tomorrow it's off to Great American Scrapbooking Convention (GASC)!!!! It's my first year to attend and I couldn't be more excited. My sister and I are taking a Basic Grey class early in the morning and then we'll shop for a bit after. I honestly don't need any more scrapbooking things (did I really just say that?) but I've never been before so I have to experience it all right?

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  1. oh i'm green with envy! DO TELL all about when you return!! enjoy GASC.. SUPER LUCKY!
    with a grin,